Thursday, January 20, 2011

Some of Tom's Christmas Presents

Tom here, again. Thought I'd put a little post on some cool things I got for Christmas as sort of a general thanks and hi-lite on some cool things. Now... I'm limiting this to a few things... otherwise the post would be WAY too long, I got tons of cool things.

Awesome little keychain I got. I finally can manage all the many keys I have to deal with and pop off ones I don't need all the time. No need to keep van keys on the chain all the time during the work-week... no need to keep work keys and USB stick on the chain during the weekend.

Awesome teapot! Makes brewing quality tea quite a bit easier. Put your tea in (loose-leaf or tea bags are just fine), pour in the water, wait, then put the teapot on top of your pitcher/cup to drain. Just need to remember the pesky little task of remembering to get it taken care of after ~ 3 minutes to keep the tea from going bad. Some tea I had last week from Christina's loose-leaf tea from India she got me didn't taste so good. Today I made some and it was perfect... must have forgotten to keep track of time last week.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers is a pretty fun and unique game for the Wii. This game is pretty cool and VERY different from any other Final Fantasy game that I have ever seen. Broken down, the gameplay involves you taking control of things and moving/throwing using the Wiimote. A fun battle I played recently was a battle in a frozen wasteland against a King Behemoth. Battles have quite a different feel from other games and often take a short while to complete... although if you're too slow, all the monsters go away and you miss out on completing the battle for more treasure.

Oberon Design Sky Dragon Nook Cover. I got this cover for my Nook eReader and it works GREAT. Oberon Design did a great job on putting together this nice dyed leather cover. I find that besides looking good and protecting it, it makes it much more natural to read. When folded back, it adds enough body to make it like reading a normal book as opposed to a thin eReader.

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