Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I read an article lately that people who exercise get sick less and when they do their symptoms aren't as severe. Apparently my body failed to read that article because I am sicker than I have been in years! This is especially frustrating because it is hampering my workout efforts. I have been suffering through swimming (not easy when you can't breathe!) but can't go run until I can breathe again.

And of course, Daniel is sick... AGAIN! This means that he can't go to childwatch at the Y. So, even walking is out of the question. I am worried about Daniel, the poor kid is ALWAYS sick. He catches EVERYTHING and of course when he does get something its never the mild form of it, he gets severe symptoms. It hasn't ever progressed past a cold so there isn't much the doctors can do for him.

Natalie so far is healthy, but I am sure she will catch it soon enough! I am praying that we are all healthy enough for this weekend. I obviously need to be healthy, but I need the kids to be semi healthy too because I wouldn't leave Tommy with both of them sick (or even one of them sick if the symptoms are bad).

Natalie goes to the dentist tomorrow morning for a consult on a cavity that she needs to get filled. So sad for her, but unfortunately she probably needs to get used to it. They said her teeth are very "pitted" and will get cavities easier. Lovely. :(

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