Thursday, January 06, 2011

Following Tommy's lead...

Since Tommy has vowed to update this blog more I figured I might as well try to make the same commitment.

Many of you may know that the last three months of my life I have made some major changes to my lifestyle...
- from 6-8 cans of diet coke a day to ONE per day (some days none)
- started exercising again, started out swimming an hour a day, then added in walking and now I am running as well. I spend 2-3 hours a day at the Y working out.
- adapted healthier food habits - less fast food and boxed dinners more home cooking, low cal, low fat, and low sodium!
- realistic dieting! I am not depending on salads at all, I am just cooking very low fat recipes and eating things I want in moderation... it feels much more sustainable this way!

As a result of these changes I have lost a total of 48.8 lbs to date in 13 weeks. This is a huge amount of weight to lose but I still have at least 50 more to lose. I would love to lose even more, but my goal is 50 lbs for the time being.

Tommy's resolutions revolve around writing, mine revolve around dedicating myself to being healthier!
1. Lose another 50 pounds
2. Run a 5K (at least one, would love to do more)
3. Walk a half marathon.
4. Start training for a mini triathlon.
And last but not least, to throw in something thats NOT about me working out...
5. To be a better wife and mother.

That last one needs a bit of explaining. I have been so wrapped up in getting into shape that I feel like Tommy and the kids are kind of getting shafted as far as my time goes. (I try to feel less guilty about it by telling myself that they want me to be healthy and its just a temporary thing!) So while I can't eliminate the time at the gym, I am hoping to use my time at home with the family in a more positive and constructive way!

Natalie: Natalie is 3 and a half now, hard to believe... it feels like yesterday that we found out we were expecting her. She is starting to show a rambunctious and sassy side! She will be starting preschool next fall, we just sent in her registration and deposit. She will be in a 4/5 class to make sure she is (hopefully) prepared for kindergarten the year after! We find ourselves saying alot "she's to smart for her own good," and its quite true. She can do simple math and identify letters/colors. But, most impressive are her reasoning skills. There are often times that Tommy and I just look at each other and shake our heads... she never ceases to amaze us. She has been on a dress streak lately, she only wants to wear dresses - and let me tell you, winter is NOT the time to decide you only want to wear dresses. It's definitely been a challenge.

Daniel: My little bruiser... he is 16 months old now. He is SOLID, you'd never know that there was a point in his life where they were worried he wasn't big enough. Not to say he's fat, I think solid is definitely the right word. He loves balls and cars, and anything "boy." He got a tricycle that converts to a rocker for Christmas from Grandma and Grandpa Harning and he loves to get up on it and rock all day long. He doesn't talk a ton, but I am told thats pretty normal for boys. His favorite word is "mama" and he is definitely a momma's boy. He also says "dada"and "duice" (juice) on a regular basis. He has many other words, but he relies alot on those three and we don't hear the others as often. He will eat almost anything and sleeps a ton!

Looking forward to a trip down to Carmel in about a week and a half, it will be the first time that Tommy has been totally responsible for the kids for more than a few hours. I have never spent the night away from Daniel, and was only away from Natalie when I was in the hospital after Daniel was born. I am nervous to say the least! I am actually going down for a baby shower on Saturday, but plan to stay in a hotel Saturday night and then go home on Sunday to give Tommy more time to fly "solo" with the kids. I think he is going to be very surprised and EXHAUSTED by the time the weekend in finished!

Well, I think thats all for now. Hope everyone has a pleasant 2011.

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