Saturday, January 15, 2011

Tom's Day Alone With The Kids

Time to put in my bi-weekly blog-post.

Today, Jenn went to my cousin's baby shower down in Indianapolis while I watched the kids for the whole day.
The day started with Daniel, early in the morning as Jenn left. He was pretty good for me and even went down very well for his morning nap. Right after that, Natalie was up and ready for her breakfast.

The whole day went pretty well. Daniel played with his bike quite a bit and hopping up on the couch with me when I was on it. Natalie had me read some of her library books and watched some movies passively. I have to say that Daniel's ability to point out exactly what he wants... sometimes... helps out immensely. A good example is when digging through the fridge for something for him, I pulled out milk and he was passive, but when I pulled out apple-juice, he pointed at it and said with a happy face "that!".

Looking forward to a good night's rest, however... even on a good day, watching the kids alone can be a bit of a drain (though being sick doesn't help any).

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