Saturday, February 05, 2011

Snow Fun with Natalie

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Tom here for another bi-weekly post :)
Today Natalie went out to have fun in the snow as I started the task of shoveling the snow off of the drive-way. She started out by trying to help pick up snow in the driveway and throw it to the side. It wasn't until Jenn came back from the YMCA that Natalie was convinced that she should go into the yard to play in the snow.

It was a very snowy day and didn't stop until around 3 PM. It was also the light-and-fluffy kind of snow that is not very good to play in... However I did convince her to "dig" a snowman by digging a small hole for the head, and having her dig other holes for the body. She suggested arms, so we dug those out. It did not photograph at all well. After that, Natalie made a snow angel and stomped around in the snow.

We also managed to take a little video of her walking around. Too bad I took it sideways so it doesn't look to good in Youtube (though at least I was able to rotate it!). Depending on how it shows up, you might have to open the link.

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