Monday, February 28, 2011

Daniel the Dinner Fiend

At dinner-time, Daniel has proven to be significantly less picky than Natalie is nowadays. He normally puts away twice what she eats... except on the occasional day where she eats 3-4 helpings of whatever she's eating at the time. Last Sunday, Daniel enjoyed Jenn's "Shepherd's Pie" (2nd helping pictured). He loved the peas and when not shoveling handfuls of the mashed potato+cauliflower +meat+etc mix, he was mining for peas.

Today he had a dinner of some of the left-over Shepherd's Pie, cheese, and some of the herb-crusted chicken that, ever since we tried it, has been on our menu just about every week. He didn't do so well at eating dinner today as he was very tired when we started dinner late.

One of Daniel's good traits is that he LOVES his sleep and has no qualms about trying to get himself upstairs at bedtime. Now... when he gets up there, he's not always the best about getting ready for bed, but more often than not he goes to bed quietly once the lights are out. The downside to his love of sleep is that if we cannot let him get his sleep when he wants it, such as when we're out, he can turn into quite the cranky kid.

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