Sunday, March 13, 2011

Natalie's Ghoulish Entry Into Story Making

Here's a little storyline I worked with Natalie to make. She's got quite an imagination, and is good at mixing in stuff she's seen from movies.

The story begins with a baby ghost looking for the mama ghost. It's flying through the air going "wooooooooooo". The ghost & grass were drawn by me, however everything else was colored by Natalie. The "wooo" is most likely a little reference by Natalie to one of Daniel's sounds he makes when he just wants to make a bunch of noise.

The mama ghost is looking around for the baby ghost and doesn't know where to find him. Everything in this was drawn by Natalie. I helped coloring the sky/grass a little bit.

The mama ghost found the baby ghost and did what mama and baby ghosts (apparently) do: squish together and be one. They are flying over a beach with a little water looking for the daddy ghost. I took the mama and baby pictures and traced them together. Natalie did all the coloring in this one.

Here a ghost is in the water... it was going to be the daddy ghost but Natalie vetoed that. Natalie directed what the picture would be with the ghost, water, and fish. She colored in the water, and I did the fishes. The story "ended" with disinterest as Natalie embarked on another idea.

In this picture, a baby ghost is trying to turn a baby that the mother is holding into a ghost. I did all the quick drawing here, anticipating Natalie changing/coloring... but she didn't. She took this idea from Ghostbusters 2 and the flying ghost-Janosz taking Oscar.

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Rita said...

Great story, Natalie!
Love, Grandma