Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Getting there!

FIVE MORE DAYS, well, actually I consider it 4 because today is basically over! I had my last OB appointment today - WOOHOO, no more waiting an hour to be seen with a cranky two year old! It went about how I expected it to. I got the ultrasound, baby passed the biophysical profile... they guess he will weigh somewhere between 8 and 9 pounds at birth on Monday! His heart rate was 155 today and he was moving and breathing great. Then I waited to see the doctor, blood pressure and all looked great, he basically said "any questions? see you Monday!" So, as long as baby stays put for a few more days we are on for Monday! And, he better because my doctor will actually be gone the rest of the week!! And, at this point, he has made me wait this long, I would prefer that he come when he is scheduled so we have no problems getting someone to care for Natalie, etc.

We are busting our butts trying to get the last minute stuff done before Baby arrives. We have the house basically clean, but every night we have a task or two we are trying to get done. Things that are more last minute, like vacuuming and steam cleaning carpets, organizing the fridge, etc. We also have to get the new fish tank set up - Natalie is OBSESSED with fish so we are putting together a small 10 gallon tank for her to hopefully help with the transition to having a baby brother. I really think she is going to do great though, she seems to love him already!

At this point, I am not sure there is much point sharing them, but here are the last two ultrasound pictures of the pregnancy! The top one is a straight on shot of his face, the white area in the middle is his forehead and his nose (it looks so big!) the dark spots on either side are where his eyes are. The second is a profile shot and to me it looks like his hands are up right below his chin.

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