Thursday, August 06, 2009

35 weeks, 2 days

Don't have much time tonight, just wanted to post really quickly for anyone who may actually read this... the appointment went well, didn't get to see my OB as he was called in to do a c-section.

Baby is still measuring large. His measurements put him at 37w3d - so two weeks and a day large. Head is measuring 38 weeks 4 days, as is the femur. His abdomen is measuring 35 weeks 4 days. With these measurements that puts him at approx 6 lb 11 oz. His heartrate was 153 bpm today, which is perfect. He rotated himself and now has his butt on the left side under my ribs and his feet are in the right side of my ribs! He was sleepy this morning so they had to buzz him, but he passed his biophysical profile.

The ultrasound pictures are getting ridiculously hard to see, but here is a face on shot, all you can really see is the outline of the top of his face, the dark area of one eye, the light area of the nose, and light areas showing the chin and maybe teeth buds?

My blood pressure was good again today 122/78. Weight went down according to the OBs scale, which is always nice at this point in the pregnancy. I did get a prescription for a z-pack to try to make sure I don't end up with bronchitis before my surgery. I have had a cough that I thought was allergies for a week, but its just not getting better, so preventative meds were prescribed. Love the NP I saw today, but wish I could have seen my OB as I had several questions for him.

Need to get to bed, long day tomorrow, errands, playgroup, groceries, and then Tommy's family is stopping down tomorrow evening... glad its almost the weekend!

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