Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Time Flies!

It seems like just yesterday I was checking into the hospital having a nervous breakdown about the c-section --- yet, Daniel is over 5 weeks old! It's crazy how fast time can fly when you are busy!

The birth: My c-section went much better, I was in the hospital only the required 48 hours, no extra. No wound infection this time, and at my postpartum appointment, my OB said everything looks great, apparently the incision looks much better than he expected. He said it looks like at least a 6 month old scar! During my stay in the hospital we all picked up the crud and that made the first two weeks pretty miserable. Natalie ended up with pneumonia.

Between all the appointments for Daniel and Natalie, I think we have been at the doctor at least 6 times since Daniel was born. He seems to be growing well, at his one month appointment he was 9 lb 13 oz. We are having some problems with him, but we are working through them. Daniel is having the same reflux issues Natalie had but much worse and much earlier. He is on medication for that and it seems to be helping somewhat, but he still has several periods of the day were he seems to be in excruciating pain. I had some suspicions that he was tongue tied and my pediatrician confirmed that last week at his check up. We are currently awaiting an appointment with a specialist to discuss whether we will have his frenulum clipped or not.

Daniel is changing so much, he does some babbling and lifts his head a ton. We have recently noticed some smiles and such, he seems to be developing slowly compared to Natalie. But she was always ahead... the pediatrician isn't worried at all about his development, and I think we will notice some improvements if we can get the reflux and such under control.

Pictures later...

Natalie is a GREAT big sister. She loves her little brother, perhaps a bit too much! She loves helping take care of him. She is growing up so fast, and its even more obvious now that we have Daniel to compare with. She is talking in sentences and asking all sorts of fun questions. She seems to be very intelligent, but I figured she would be.

Personal stuff: had post partum depression again, finally got that under control, I am exhausted, I got a new laptop, Tommy did a really neat extra project on the side at work, we are doing great... sorry this is so hard to follow, my brain is fried!

Hope everyone is well!

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