Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Tom's Long-lost Update

I intended to write a blog-post every 2 weeks and have failed to keep up. My other New Year's goal of writing/publishing a book is also a little bit behind... but more on that later. On with the long-lost update to catch up on things.
Jenn has been keeping up with her running regimen and placing excellently in a few of her recent races, including 1st Woman in the Hammer Run. She's working towards 13.1 miles of running for her half-marathon in September. This weekend she has to run 9 miles, a "small" step up from 8 miles last weekend... quite impressive! She's looking great these days, but is having a "problem" with clothes frequently getting "too big" for her.
Daniel is being a little stinker these days. Nothing terribly new about that. He doesn't talk much, but he's certainly learning words. He "accidentally" uses new and correct words and then refuses to repeat. Our guess is that he is stubborn and/or a perfectionist of words.
Little miss Natalie is starting to play nicely more often with Daniel, especially now that Daniel is starting to use his imagination playing with the toys. It does of course lead to typical troubles, since they want to play with the same toys and get into arguments about them... nothing special there.

The other weekend we visited family around Indianapolis and checked out the Indianapolis Children's Museum. The kids loved it! On our way out, Natalie told us how we need to go other places and see the museums there. Just today Natalie was talking about dinosaurs and asking about which dinosaur had the sharpest teeth. I mentioned that a paleontologist might now and she brought up the Children's Museum and started going on about how somebody there might know and how she liked all the stuff there.

I hope to get back on track with my family blog-post every 2 weeks, so look for one coming up the 16th. As for my book writing, I've narrowed down the sort of book I plan on writing first: has magic and can be for Natalie and Daniel now or in the relatively near future. I figured if I added my children to the audience to get a little more out of the writing experience.

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