Saturday, October 22, 2011

Day 1 of October Weekend With Kids

Figure I'd start off my intention to keep blogging w/ little "journal" entries about the weekend w/ the kids.

Day one of my weekend alone with the kids has come to an end.
Jenn's leaving in the morning didn't cause any sort of meltdowns with Daniel even though he was very clingy to her the past few days.
Both kids were pretty good most of the day, not too many scuffles over toys :)
Lunch was a special of toast n' eggs.
Dinner was a California pizza & grilled cheese. Why grilled cheese? Natalie doesn't like pizza sauce! She's missing out big time!

We ended up watching "Air Buddies" about 3-4 times today. Natalie's new favorite movie since I borrowed it from the library yesterday. Later we watched "Howl's Moving Castle".

The kids both loved the movie and actually SAT STILL for it. For a short while I was able to get them both sitting together with me under a blanket.

After getting all of the kids to bed, time to take a mental break and watch "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull".

Signing off this Friday and looking forward to what Saturday brings.


Christina Harning said...

Oh man animal movies - I remember when Julie was obsessed with Gordy...aaah!

harningt said...

Yes, animal movies. I do my best to avoid "Gordy" and similar movies from showing up on the Wii Netflix when trying to find something to watch that will not leech our brains.