Monday, April 25, 2011

Norris Dam Wedding Trip

Jenn and her mom, Lora, were invited to photograph the wedding of a family friends' daughter in Tennessee. They hosted the wedding in a park pavilion in Norris Dam State Park.

The trip provided a great little mini-vacation for the weekend + 1 day away from the house. The trip down put us through Van Wert, Cincinnati, and Lexington. The roads toward the end of the trip were a little crazy, up high in the mountains and large cliffs. Luckily the rain that started towards the end of the drive wasn't too bad when we went in those areas.

The site of the wedding was pretty cool. Getting there involved driving over the Norris Dam and up a short, winding road up a hill. The pavilion was large and had a fireplace built in with two grill stations setup on either side. The wedding day was a little chilly and only later when we were cleaning up did the forecast rain show up.

Both kids enjoyed the trip quite a bit:
  • They got to see the Washburn Grandparents and Melissa.
  • Natalie found a little buddy at the wedding... though together they were a little trouble.
  • Daniel got to people-watch and be daddy's lil' buddy.
  • Hotel had a saltwater swimming pool

The swimming pool was a hit for Daniel and Natalie. Natalie insisted on trying to swim on her own... though she can't keep herself up in the water yet. Daniel loved splashing and bounced in and out of the water. The fact that it was saltwater didn't seem to bother at all, probably for the fact that it seemed to be a relatively low concentration of salt (esp compared with ocean-water). One of the nice things about the pool was that it didn't have that used-chlorine smell to it. That could be attributed to the fact that someone somehow added chlorine to it when they weren't supposed to (apparently can't do that with saltwater pools), so they had to drain it and completely clean it out shortly before we came to the hotel.

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