Friday, July 24, 2009

33 weeks, 3 days today!

The countdown is on... 38 more days until my scheduled c-section. If all goes well we will be holding our new son in a little more than a month. Of course, that still seems so far away. I am still going to FREQUENT doctors visits and ultrasounds so they could decide at any point that baby is better outside than in my tummy. So far, he's looking pretty much perfect though. He scores 8's pretty much every week on the biophysical profiles... typically the score can be to 10, but they aren't doing stress tests, so I believe 8 is the best he can do.

For those of you who aren't sure how the biophysical profile works, I found this online:
"In a biophysical profile, the fetus receives a score of either 0, 2, 4, 6, 8, or 10, based on the presence or absence of five elements: reactive nonstress test, adequate amount of amniotic fluid, fetal tone (bending and straightening the joints), fetal body movements (rolls), and fetal breathing motions (in-and-out motions of the chest wall). The fetus gets either 2 or 0 points for the presence or absence of the above five factors. A score of 8 or 10 is considered normal. A score of 0 or 2 is never considered normal. Scores of 4 and 6 are worrisome; delivery would be appropriate at term, but further evaluation may be appropriate in the case of pregnancies far from the due date."

I did have a scare yesterday at my appt, during the ultrasound baby boy's heart rate was up to 178-200 range. Mostly around the 178 but still, much higher than usual. This of course had me very worried - the tech took the heart rate several times so I knew it wasn't something they were expecting to see. She told me we would see what my Dr. said. Of course, then I had to sit in a waiting room thinking the worst for 30 minutes which got my blood pressure up there. So, after a blood pressure reading of 142/90 I was devastated and was sure that my doctor would put me on the blood pressure meds. I was right, he was VERY concerned about the BP, but I did convince him to let me come in today and get it re-checked due to the stress of the ultrasound.

Luckily, my bp was down today... 130/74. Normally I am around 120/80. The nurse practitioner told me I don't need to worry about the meds... apparently the bottom number is good, and the top number they don't worry about til it gets near 150. And baby's heart rate was back to normal: 155 bpm. He did hide from her doppler machine though, he didn't want her to hear him.

And, as usual, an ultrasound picture from yesterday... just a profile shot.

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