Saturday, December 03, 2011

High Quality Canvas of Zoo Picture from Meijer

I got my BzzAgent coupon yesterday and Jenn, my wife, tracked down some of her recent pictures taken on our Canon Rebel XS and had a tough choice (we've gotten lucky with some of our shots)  We chose a picture of a polar bear looking our way from our trip to the Cincinnati Zoo, it had good composition and we thought it would be great on canvas.

On my way home from work yesterday, I stopped at Meijer to get the canvas ordered. The kiosks are well setup and I was able to plug in my drive, setup my picture to fit on the canvas, and get my order placed and prepaid in just a few minutes. Today my we picked it up and it turned out great. The colors were darker than the original, but luckily it worked with the photo. The image quality was great, no pixellation or distortion like I've seen with some photo vendors.

Original picture:

Picture of it:


  • Reasonable price (they were running them on sale for $19.99)
  • Good quality
  • Photo program was very accurate in presenting what would show up on front


  • Colors were a little darker than the original
  • Corners are a little rough (but hard to notice when on display)


  • Make sure you keep some background visible around the edge of a picture to account for the 1" crop (the image wraps around the frame 
  • If you don't have much extra background in the picture, fire up a photo editor and selectively stretch the edges so you can keep your subject on the front
  • Be aware of the deeper color appearance (perhaps lighten it a bit ahead of time)

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