Thursday, November 10, 2011

Starting the Fish Tank Anew

Over the weekend that I watched the kids, I had cleaned the fish tank thoroughly in the interest of just getting that cleaning out of the way. Little did I know that it would spark the kids wanting fishies again.

The week after I got the tank filled and get the water chemistry to what it should be for fish. Last time I had tons of trouble getting it stable at the level wanted, but this time it took just 2 adjustments and the water was good. We also got some new decorations: a bubbling volcano and dolphins.

We figured we'd get the fish tank setup after the weekend with Jenn's race (which she got 3rd overall female in!) and after the fun photo session with family at the botanical gardens in Ann Arbor so we could keep an eye on things the week after. Jenn picked up our starter fish Monday: two little zebras since they should be pretty hardy and handle a "fresh" tank before we get the nitrogen cycle managed. So far they are doing good and given the relatively large tank for 2 small fish, we haven't had any nasty chemical changes yet. Eventually we are going to get some catfish to put in (Natalie loves them).

Hopefully this post shows up right, including the tank picture...

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